Activate Your 5 Senses and Become Incredibly Connected Inside of…

Turn Life Into Foreplay!

A 90-minute Workshop to Douse the Sensual Drought and Reclaim Your Innate Feminine Pleasure.

VIRTUAL on July 26th @ 10 am PST​

IN-PERSON on July 28th @ 7 pm PST

I had a small definition of pleasure that I unconsciously put into a tiny box. Lisa helped me rip up the box and throw it in the garbage.” ~Jess

Turn Life Into ForePlay!

How would it feel to incorporate pleasure into your every day, making all the mundane tasks in your life easier to do?

During this 90-minute interactive workshop, you’ll learn:

🌺 Why it’s impossible to know what you want and need if you don’t connect with your senses first.

🌺 The #1 reason you’re at the bottom of your priority list and how to break the spell.

🌺 The sneaky ways your brain responds to sensations and how to double your pleasure.

Hey, I’m Lisa and as the Wild Sensuality Siren and Pleasure Activator, here’s what I know to be true: there is nothing wrong with you.

I created Turn Life into Foreplay! once I learned that many women don’t know sensuality is missing from their life or that pleasure is even a possibility. 

I’ll never forget standing in the hallway holding my newborn in my arms and asking my husband if it was okay for me to have a shower.

He needed to get some work done as per usual. 

I knew something needed to change. 

Being an earth sign ruled by Venus, it’s no wonder I felt dried up from a lack of sensuality and pleasure. 

Then, I discovered a unique process that involved activating my senses, undressing expectations and embracing my natural essence. Things quickly changed.

Once I reclaimed my sensuality and pleasure body and called forth my tiger…

I knew I could help other stuck women do the same!


Turn Life into Foreplay and Start Loving your Sensual Body Again!

VIRTUAL on July 26th @ 10 am PST​

IN-PERSON on July 28th @ 7 pm PST


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It’s my pleasure to answer any & all of them.

Turn Life Into ForePlay!

IN-PERSON on July 28th @ 7 pm PST

Turn Life Into ForePlay!

VIRTUAL on July 26th @ 10 am PST​

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This journey will help you get out of your head and into your pleasure body by activating your senses and delicious emotions. Enjoy!