Sacred Ritual for Tapping into Pleasure

My name is

Lisa Joy Stromsmoe

Wild Sensuality Siren & Pleasure Activator, from Northern British Columbia, Canada. I help women to call forth their tiger or tigress using my Pleasure Body Activation process so that they can undress from societal expectations, embrace the nakedness of their sensual nature and do whatever (and whoever) the fuck they want!

I’m a Master Circle Facilitator and have been creating and leading women’s circle for over 3 years now. Today, I’m sharing one of my favourite activations and rituals that I love to facilitate.
I’ve led it in circles, and even on stage, and have received incredible feedback from participants.

So I do hope you find pleasure in it!

We will spend about 45 minutes together. I’ll share with you a tool that you can use whenever you’re feeling blocked or disconnected from your pleasure body and also take you on a journey, where you’ll embrace your essential nature.

In the description of this ritual, you were asked to bring a few things:

Please take a moment to pause the video and grab what you have available as these items really help to invoke your natural essence.

Anoint with your chosen essential oil

We are invoking the element of water to support us on our journey to pleasure. The Water element promotes love, healing, peace, compassion, reconciliation, forgiveness, connection, de-stressing, sleep dreams, psychic abilities and purification.  All nourishing qualities to support and deepen our experience of pleasure. Water is also associated with your emotions.

To access the pleasure body, you must surrender your thinking mind. The water element has been specifically chosen to support you so that you may access your emotional body with ease and grace.  And let go of logic and questioning. 

Your ego will want to sabotage your natural essence.  It’ll say oh no this is way too taboo or too airy-fairy.  Let’s just stay in the human struggle.  

To me tapping into your pleasure body is not confined to sexual experiences, although those are great, too. It’s about letting go of your inhibitions and allowing all of your senses to come online. And through our pleasure, we can access our essential nature. This is where the inner wisdom lies.

We are going to start by removing some of these layers and then I’ll guide you through a visualization where you’ll meet your mystical guides and connect with your inner wisdom.


We will start our journey using a tool called tapping.  Tapping was developed around the principles of acupuncture, which has been used to clear energy blocks for thousands of years.  It was found that by lightly tapping with your fingers on the same acupuncture points, you can make shifts in unconscious beliefs and negative emotions that can block you from your desires. 

Demonstrate the points starting with the karate chop.  Eyebrows, temples,  cheek, nose, chin, collarbone, underarm, top of the head.  

Don’t worry about what it looks like, I’ll start by guiding you & then you’ll get into a rhythm.  

Now, I’m going to read a statement to you.  Rate how true it is for you. 

Rate how it feels in your body from 1 to 10

1 – 5 is kinda true to true

10 – this resonates to every part of my being – read statement 2 Xs

“I don’t believe that I can attain access to pleasure in my body and embrace the rhythms of my own essential nature and feminine sensuality easily and quickly.”

Throw the statement away and remember your number.

Karate chop – Even though I don’t believe that I can access pleasure in my body quickly or easily, I still deeply and completely love and honour myself.

Even though I don’t believe that I can embrace the rhythms of my own essential nature and feminine sensuality quickly and easily, I still deeply and completely love and respect myself.

Head – I have this fear.

Eyebrow – There’s no way that this can happen for me.

Temple – I’m so scared that I won’t feel the pleasure that I want.

Cheek – Or if I do, it will be so hard and scary.

Nose – I just have this fear.

Chin – I really want to let it go.

Collarbone – I want to believe that it can happen for me.

Underarm – I have all these doubts and limiting beliefs in my mind all of the time.

I’m always doubting. I’m always fearing. I’m always questioning.

I’m a human.  With bones, organs and flesh.

I’m just a meat suit.  

I doubt my essence.  I doubt my divine connection.  I doubt my heart.

I really really want to let go of this.

I wish I could let go of this.

I really want to let go and trust.

Trust that I’m a sensual being having a human experience.

But I’m just afraid because the truth is my brain controls my life. 

And my brain says, I don’t think you can transcend me.

I want to step outside of that.

See that it is just a story.  See that it is just a lie in my brain 

I want to see that it’s not true.

It’s a story that I believe because of my upbringing or societal expectations.

And it’s just a story.

I don’t have to let my brain tell me stories and buy into it.

Because the truth is I see people all the time that connect deeply with their pleasure.

I see people all the time living in rhythm with their essential nature.

I see people all the time connected to their feminine sensuality.

They’re not that different from me.

I know I’m meant to access divine pleasure within my body.

Go to the collarbone

I know I’m meant to experience blissful pleasure in this lifetime.

I’m choosing cuz I can make this choice to step into my divinity.

I’ve done enough.  I am enough.

I am a sensual being. 

Take a deep breath.  Exhale and flow all unwanted energy down your spine and into the earth to alchemize.  I’ll say the phrase again.  Rate the number.

“I don’t believe that I can attain access to pleasure in my body and embrace the rhythms of my own essential nature and feminine sensuality easily and quickly.

Rate how true this statement is for you.  Rate how it feels in your body from 1 to 10


Now we’re ready to drop into our visualization:

Place your container with water and any other objects you brought in front of you.  You can stare dreamily into the water or close your eyes – it’s your choice.

Relaxing with your spine straight and taking 3 deep breaths.

Imagine that you are sitting beside a beautiful lake or a calm stretch of ocean. This may be a familiar place that you love, or it could be a place of your imagination.  Take time to settle into this spot. Fill in the details of the environment. See the shimmering greens and blues of the waters, and all the other colours, reflected and refracted. Look at the azure sky arching overhead. Notice any plants and rocks – any features of the landscape – let your eyes dwell on these. See how close you are to the shore, where you are sitting or standing and what you are wearing. 

Listen to the sounds around you. Can you hear the breeze, the birdsong, the sound of the waves? Smell the freshness of the air and the scent of the water carried on it. Feel the pure, moist air on your face and the gentle wind fingering your hair. Enjoy all of this and make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed

Now concentrate on your sacral chakra, whether you have all of your sexual parts or not, you still retain the potent energy of the pelvic bowl, your medicine bowl. Breathe into the beauty of this place and allow your sacral to be filled with love for it. Let your pelvic bowl feel warm, open and invigorated. 

See a large, beautiful diamond glowing over your womb space. As you feel a closeness and empathy with the beauty of the waters, so the diamond begins to shine. The warmth in your sacral is flowing into the diamond, which pulses and glows in response. The radiance within the diamond is gentle, yet amazingly powerful. Soon you are aware that its wonderful light is stretching out over the waters, bathing everything in the purest light. The blue diamond light is reaching into the water, mingling with them and shining outward again. The waters are becoming clearer and you begin to see their depths. What wondrous gifts and treasures do you find lying there?  What magical beings are present?


Invited by the diamond, called forth by the power in your womb, mystical beings are beginning to emerge from the waters. Watch as they come, strange and beautiful for the most part, others in shapes you may not have imagined. Continue to let the diamond light shine from you and to send a welcome from your womb space.

Let the mystical beings emerge in their own way. They remain out on the waters, or they may approach closer to the edge. They may even come onto the land. Watch them as they appear, remaining serene and letting the diamond light of your sacral continue to shine. Listen also for the mystical beings may be talking, laughing, whispering, or most likely of all – singing.

Allow yourself to feel the music and dance in heart. Stand and move your body if you feel called to.

MUSIC – Waves – Ayla Nereo (3:09 minutes)

Invite one of the mystical beings to speak with you. Listen to what they say. If you like, you can ask questions. The answers you get may be startlingly clear or they may not make sense at first. Try not to puzzle over them for now.

When the time seems right tell the mystical beings that you are bidding them farewell and that you honour them and thank them for their presence. Let the diamond light slowly fade. Affirm that the diamond is closed and your sacral is, for now also closed. Touch the diamond and feel its coolness and solidity. Draw away from the scene.

Now come back to everyday awareness, patting your body all over to make sure that you are in the here and now.

Take a moment to write down your insights.

MUSIC – Take me to the ocean (4:30 minutes)

Thank You!

Thank you so much for joining me on this pleasurable journey.

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This journey will help you get out of your head and into your pleasure body by activating your senses and delicious emotions. Enjoy!